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Abrasives/Grinding Wheels
Access Control System
Adhesives, Glues & Gum Products
Air Conditioning Contractors
Air Conditioning Equipment
Air Coolers
Air Curtains
Air Dryers
Alarm Systems
Aluminum Building Products
Aluminum Doors & Windows
Asphalt & Bitumen Manufacturers & Suppliers
Audio Visual Equipment-Mfrs/Dealers
Bakelite sheets
Battery Charging Equipment
Battery Suppliers, Repairers & Rebuilders
Bolts , Nuts & Fasteners
Builders & Building Contractors
Building Material Suppliers
Cable Manufacturers & Supplies
Cable Terminals, Lugs & Sockets
Cable Trays & Pans
Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings
Cement Manufacturers & Suppliers
Cement Products
Clean Rooms
Coating Industrial
Compressors-Air & Gas
Computer-Maintenance Services
Constultants Electrical
Consultants Acoustical
Consultants Air Conditioning
Consultants-Energy Conversation
Control Panels/Accessories
Cooling Towers
Cork Products
Cranes-Manufacturers & Distribt.
Dehumidifying Equipment
Demolition Contractors
Diesel Engines-Mfrs & Dirs
Door&Window Frames/Fittings Suppliers
Doors & Gates- Automatic
Ducticle Iron Pipe & Fitting
Effluent Treatment Plants & Equpt. Mfrs.
Electric Motors-Mfrs.& Distributors
Electric Motors-Repairs & Servicing
Electrical Appliances-Incl. Lamps, Tubes, Fittings
Electrical Contractors & Electricians
Electrical Equipments/ Instruments-Mfrs & Dirs
Electrical Heating Elements & Thermostats
Electrical Measuring & Testing Instruments
Electrical Panels / Switch Boards
Electrical Transmission Line Goods
Elevators- Mfrs, Contractors, Suppliers & Maint.
Emergency Lighting Systems
Felt & Felt Products
Fencing Manufacturers & Suppliers
Fibre Glass Products
Fire Protection Equipment & Suppliers
Flameproof Material Suppliers
Garden & Lawn - Equipment & Other Inputs
Generators/Invertors - Manufacturers/Dealers/Hirers
Glass/Glass Products/Glassware/Mirrors
Hardware Products-Mfrs/Dealers
Heat Exchangers
Heat Treatment of Metals
Heating Elements
High Pressure Hoses
Humidification/Ventilation/Climate Control Services
Insulation & Ducting - Consultants, Contractors
Insulation Material
Kitchen Modular/Accessories
Laboratory Testing
Laminates – Mfrs & Suppliers
Laundry Equipment - Industrial
Lead & Lead Products
Lighting & Lighting Control Systems
Machinery & Machine Tools
Marble, Granite & Stone Suppliers
Metal Treating Chemicals
Painting Contractors
Pest Control Services
Pile Foundation
Pipes - Cement
Pipes/Tubes (Rigid/Flexible) - Metal
Pipes/Tubes (Rigid/Flexible) - Plastic
Pipes/Tubes - Fittings
Piping Contractors
Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors
Pollution/Environment Control
Pressure Gauges
Pumps - General
PVC Conduit & Fittings
Road Building Contractors
Road Building Equipment & Machinery
Rolling Shutters
Roofing Material
Rubber Belts/V - Belts/Industrial Belts
Safety Eqpt., Services & Supplies
Sanitary Engineers/Contractors
Sanitaryware Mfrs & Dealers
Scaffolding Manufacturers & Suppliers
Solar Energy Equipment & Systems
Steel Products
Storage Tanks - Cement/Plastic/Metal/General
Swimming Pools - Maintenance
Tar Products
Tiles & Floorings
Timber & Timber Products
Timber Merchants
Trasformers & Parts
Valves & Cocks - Industrial/General
Voltage Stablizers
Water Proofing Contractors
Water Proofing Materials
Water Purifiers
Water Treatment Equipment Service & Supplies
Wire & Wire Products
Notice for Council Meeting at New Delhi On 18.03.2015
Details regarding Product Display in 40th Annual Day Fucntion at New Delhi On 18.03.2015
Exhibition Layout for Product Display at New Delhi On 18.03.2015
40th Annual Day at New Delhi On 18.03.2015
Implementation of Comprehensive End-to-End E-Procurement

Details regarding Product Display in 40th Annual Day Fucntion

Exhibition Layout for Product Display on 40th Annual Day Fucntion

Letter regarding Revised Powers of Technical Sanction Etc.

40th Annual day function will be held on 18th-19th March in Air Force Auditorium Delhi Cantt-10

E-tendering- forwarding details of turnover of 'S' & 'SS' Class enlisted Contractors

Letter regarding 40th Annual Day Function

Letter to E-in-C reg E-tendering dtd. 21.10.2014

Relief to members of Srinagar Branch

Letter from E-in-C regarding E-tendering 25.09.2014

Letter dated 25.09.2014 reg E-Tendering

Letter regarding E-tendering dated 15.09.2014

Letter from CE Zone Udhampur regarding emergent works at Srinagar

Ltr from E-in-C reg E-tendering dt 5.9.2014

Minutes of Meeting of E-in-C with MES BAI on 22nd July 2014

Congratulations. E-tendering Pre qualification criteria held in abeyance due to efforts of Headquarter.

Letter to E-in-C dt.02.09.2014 regardin E-tendering

Letter regarding E- tendering

Minutes of Meeting of the HQrs Office Bearers held on 27.08.2014

Letter to E-in-C regarding E-tendering

Our letter reg responsibilities of PMG

Our response to policy of E-Tendering

Letter from E-in-C reg E-tendering

Subletting of Works

Recognition of quality work by MES Contractors

Minutes of DRRC Meeting held on 16.04.2014

e-Tendering in MES

Ltr from CE EC reg Transfer of Registering Authority of Contractors due to RE-ORG of CE SC

Grievances and Problems being faced by Builders

List of Certified Digital Signature Authorities


Steel for MES Works

Minutes of Technical Session with DGW held on 26th July 2013

Minutes of Meet the E-in-C held on 25th July 2013

Letter Regarding Re -Allocation area under different Commands

Relief to E-Class Category

E-Tendering in MES

Clarification received from E-in-C Branch regarding Production of Purchase Voucher

Production of Purchase Voucher


Reimbursement/Refund of variation in price under condition 63 of IAFW-2249

Exemption of renewal of E Class Contractors


Reimbursement/Refund on variation in price under condition 63 of IAFW 2249

Exemption of Renewal/Reclassification of Clas E Contractors

Production of Purchase Voucher


Anti Termite Treatment of Building issue of Tenders (Ammendment)

Anti Termite Treatment of Building Issue of Tenders

Production of Purchase Vouchers

Notification 12/2012 dated 17th March 2012 regarding Service Tax

Letter regarding Service Tax

Production of Purchase Vouchers

Letter from Procurement of Steel from running Primary Producers

Approval of Primary Producers

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